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A Valentine for HitRecord + Zappos

HitRecord's favicon is red Zappos come in every hue Together, we've all created A thing of wonder to view.

When I need to come up for air after immersing myself in 19th century American ephemera for the book I'm working on, one of my go-to-places for relaxation and inspiration is the HitRecord community. I've got my IRL anchors--God, family, friends and 5-minute dance/cardio breaks every hour. But, I love the big and small projects HitRecord makes possible for anyone to be a part of.

One of the projects I was a wee part of included the HitRecord/Zappos micro-documentary series around Zappos' ten core values. This one focused on Zappos Core Value #10: Be Humble. So many different stories and voices were contributed and beautifully wrought together by HitRecord's Raymond Wei. The result is some kind of wonderful.


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