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Rounds of Revisioning with Nellie Bly

I started 2022 off and running--having submitted a complete 107,466 word manuscript (give or take) of Around the World in 72 Days--to my publisher, Level 4 Press, on January 3. It took two years of tedious research (and overcoming the onset of a global pandemic) to bring a reimagined Nellie Bly and her 72-day globetrotting adventure to fruition as a first draft. That was a very satisfying felling . . . until I received EXHAUSTIVE editor notes a few months later.

And so, here I am. Mired in my revise, but making steady, if slow progress towards a finish line within sight on the lip of the horizon. My publisher has encouraged me with some very generous praise--and has been very patient with me as we work to fit all the pieces together and make this even more appetizing for mass consumption.

The new release date has been reset for Thanksgiving 2025. Meet me at the finish line!


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