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Signed with Level 4!

What a Christmas present! Delighted to have been chosen by Level 4 Press to write a historical fiction novel based on Nellie Bly's true-life travel adventure around the world, currently scheduled for release in August 2020. They first approached me in November with two projects they thought I'd be a good fit for. I was reluctant at first, until I researched the company, saw who they wanted me to write about, read the project briefs, discussed in detail the mechanics for the entire collaboration--and talked with lawyers.

Ultimately, I took the leap. I am thrilled to be writing about this phenomenal, fearless person! The Authors Guild was an indispensable resource for contract review (and I had the good fortune to have additional counsel--thank you brilliant Anne Hollander--provide insightful feedback).

The journey to this point has been slow and mercurial, but I've met amazing people along the way, been gobsmacked by the unexpected generosity of others, and have promised myself to enjoy every moment--mountaintop and valley--of this fantastic ride.


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